Delaware Valley Opera Buys Its Very Own Theater!!!

Today is a day of BIG news! Announcement #1:  It is with enormous pride and considerable emotion that the Board of Directors of Delaware Valley Opera announces that DVO has purchased its very own theater, the former "Nutshell" bar, restaurant, art gallery, theater and nightclub on Route 52 in Lake Huntington, NY. After 35 years (remember that "Magic Number," 35!) performing at venues ranging from the theater at SUNY Sullivan to "Harmonie Hall" at the Western Hotel to the Lumberland Town Hall to the Tusten Theatre and beyond (with lovely memories attached to each and every one of them), DVO finally has its own, year-round home: The Delaware Valley Opera Center!

Although we will be doing upgrades, beautification and renovations for years to come, the Delaware Valley Opera Center is "performance ready" and we will be producing our inaugural production...David Conte's "The Gift of the Magi" its main theater this December. Amenities include a stage and large theater featuring flexible seating options, from traditional rows to dinner-theater and more, an intimate cabaret-style space (perfect for smaller concerts), office space, ample rehearsal, dressing room, and storage space, space for workshops and educational programs, a commercial kitchen and full bar capacity, and much, much more. 

What this means is that DVO can "up" its involvement in the region year-round, without the difficulties of securing rented space. Workshops (for both children and adults), lectures, concerts, and small productions (in addition to our traditional summer operas and operettas) will increase, with ample opportunities for involvement by regional and visiting performers, as well as by members of the community and interested children and youth. Now, more than ever, DVO will be YOUR company, a place to call "home," a venue to nurture your creative soul....

Which leads to Announcement #2...aka:  THE "MAGIC NUMBER" 35.....




How many of us still remember that wintry day back in 1986, excitedly gathering upstairs in the Monticello Presbyterian Church for the first rehearsal of the brand-new opera company...Delaware Valley Opera...for their upcoming production of Die Fledermaus, to be performed that summer at SUNY Sullivan? And now, in 2021, DVO is turning 35 years old!!! This leads to our...

Magic Number 35!!!

In honor of DVO's birthday, the DVO Board has pledged a MATCH MATCH all donations received from now through September 15th, up through a limit of THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! If you make a twenty dollar donation, DVO actually receives a forty dollar donation; fifty dollar donations magically turn into hundred dollar donations and...poof!...five hundred dollars becomes a THOUSAND dollars...MAGIC!!! If our limit of thirty-five thousand dollars is reached, DVO will actually gain a total of seventy thousand dollars...what a fabulous way to kickstart our exciting future, in our beautiful new home!

There has never been a better time to support the magic of opera, operetta, educational ventures, vibrant singers, up-and-coming youth and the arts scene in our beautiful region. If you are able to help support DVO's vision and participate in our MATCH CHALLENGE, kindly click on the link below. DVO tremendously values our donor family and gratefully welcomes new members...without you, there would be no Delaware Valley Opera.

Happy Birthday, DVO, and a million thanks to you, our loyal patrons, as we navigate beyond the fear and uncertainty of the past year and into a bright, optimistic, and wonderful future, filled with warmth, exquisite music, and exciting productions! Here's to the next 35 years and beyond!