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Pinocchio – Opera for Children
Saturday, June 22, 2024, 03:00pm
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Huntington Hall - $10 adults, Free for children under 14 Buy Now on My River Tickets..

Mr. Davies has created several children's operas to familiar fairy tales and stories. These delightful pieces are a perfect introduction to the operatic art form because all the music is from popular operatic repertoire, written by the masters of the genre. The music is chosen to be immediately accessible to young ears and introduce the original richness and complexity of the art form without dilution.

Mr. Davies has replaced the original words with his own English ones to tell the stories. “Pinocchio” is one of these charming works. The story is the traditional one about Geppetto, a wood worker, who wishes for a son. He is granted his wish. He is to carve a little boy out of wood. This boy will magically become a real boy in time. Meanwhile, he has one peculiar quality --- if he lies, his nose will grow.

The first thing Geppetto does is send this wooden boy, Pinocchio, to school. The naïve wooden fellow meets some bad company on the way to school and is sold to the circus owner, Dulcamara, who wants to add Pinocchio to his collection of novelties as a puppet without strings. He eventually escapes and saves one of the other “novelties” a mechanical doll.

The adventure teaches Pinocchio all about justice, life, love, and honesty.

Join us on Sat June 22 at 10am or 3pm or Sun June 23 at 3pm for this lively, educational and entertaining performance! Children under 14 are FREE!

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